Crossing a different trip everyday

My name is Javier Fischer, Advertiser, Designer, Creative. I’ve been working in design, web and digital marketing since 2000, but my first experiments started a little earlier with Unreal engine and the creation of a online gaming and lan partys website ranked in the top ten of most visited sites.


In 2008 I started a personal project called 9mm, a design and advertising company, which was created to help companies and brands, to improve their online presence through different digital media strategies. Most of my time I've been working independently in own companies and another large part in advertising agencies and companies like a designer, Art director and web designer. I have experience working with international brands like Coca-cola, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Sony and Absolut vodka.

I decided leave my officce to travel and live in different countries, working like a #DigitalNomad and other part as a volunteering to cover part of my trip. At this moment I'am specializing in sectors such as hotels, restaurants, tourism, breweries, cultural events of art, music and sports. During this time I have been knowing and collaborating with new people and live the life in a different way.


Design and web development, graphic design, motion graphics, marketing, social media design, UX design and Google Adwords.


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I create brand identities, websites, UX design, Google Adwords and everything in-between. I'm available to work full time, freelance or remotely.